[part 2]

When it comes to data exfiltration, creativity and thinking outside the box is the most important. To remember; The term “living off the land” (LOL) was coined by malware researchers Christopher Campbell and Matt Greaber to explain the use of trusted, pre-installed system tools to spread malware. There are a…

The Win32_TemperatureProbe WMI class represents the properties of a temperature sensor (electronic thermometer).

command: wmic /namespace:\\root\WMI path MSAcpi_ThermalZoneTemperature get CurrentTemperature

Most of the information that the Win32_TemperatureProbe WMI class provides comes from SMBIOS. Real-time readings for the CurrentReading property cannot be extracted from SMBIOS tables. For this reason, current implementations of WMI do not populate the CurrentReading…

movq %rax,%rax

reverse engineering and malware tales\\ Linkedin@isdebuggerpresent\\

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